At Holistic Dentistry Dr. Lee provides the following services:

  • Safe Amalgam/Mercury Fillings Removal
  • Composite restorations
  • Crown and bridge
  • Dentures
  • Extractions
  • Non-invasive periodontal treatment
  • Ozone treatment
  • Non fluoride preventative treatment (oral hygiene) Disclaimer about Holistic Dentistry


    Safe Amalgam Removal

    At Holistic Dentistry Dr. Lee uses the safe amalgam protocols from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Amalgam (or mercury restoration) removal exposes us to hazardous wastes and mercury vapors. By following these guidelines Dr. Lee minimizes the risk of exposure. During this procedure, you will notice that both Dr. Lee and other team members wear mercury vapor masks. The masks are essential for our safety. We also take steps to ensure your safety as a patient.

    By using non-latex rubber dams we are isolating the individual tooth or teeth we are working on and minimize the mercury filling particles from entering the mouth. Since mercury vapors have been shown to pass right through latex, at Holistic Dentistry we use only nitrile gloves and non-latex dams.

    We also use the IQ Air Purifier. We place the IQ directly below the patient's face to capture mercury vapors and drill aerosols before they spread, while at the same time purifying the air from other contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds and disinfectant odors. At Holistic Dentistry we use medical grade oxygen to provide a positive pressure flow minimizing mercury inhalation from the nose. Dr. Lee uses high volume suction to remove the majority of the mercury particles directly above the tooth while another suction tip is placed underneath the rubber dam to remove any mercury vapors that find its way in the mouth. Cold distilled ozonated water is used to irrigate the tooth to keep the mercury vapors at a minimum. Mercury fillings are sectioned in chunks when removing them to minimize the amount of the filling being drilled and therefore minimize vapor release. Gloves and rubber dams that are contaminated with mercury particles are disposed of after mercury restoration removal before proceeding with the final restoration of the tooth.

    Composite Restorations

    High quality biocompatible composite materials are used that have been tested to show high biocompatibility to the body and no release of BPA.

    No Fluoride

    Fluoride is not used in any of our treatments. Water that is used to irrigate is distilled and ozonated so no fluoridated tap water is used. No fluoride releasing material is used whether in the cements, sealants or bonding agents.


    At Holistic Dentistry our holistic hygienist Amy uses only non-fluoridated prophy paste and distilled and ozonated water while cleaning your teeth. We use only non-alcohol, herbal mouth rinses for your comfort.

    Ozone Therapy

    Ozone is used in holistic dental procedures whether to disinfect the surfaces of the tooth or to treat periodontal disease without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. With the proper application of different forms of oxygen/ozone (ozonated water, ozonated oil, ozone gas), dental care outcome has shown to be enhanced. For more information on oxygen/ozone treatment in dentistry visit the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) website or the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry (ACIMD)

    Microscope Plaque Analysis

    Ever wonder why you continue to have tarter build up, bleeding gums or morning breath even though you brush and floss every day? With plaque analysis under the microscope we will see the cause of the issues. Plaque could be full of many unhealthy pathogens such as bacteria, parasites or fungi. Without proper treatment your mouth will continually be infected with such microbes that will not go away with a simple cleaning. Depending on the status of the plaque, a cleaning may not be recommended right away. Disinfection of the mouth may be required before a cleaning is done in order to prevent the pathogens from entering the bloodstream if the cleaning were to be done right away.

    Especially for patients undergoing surgery, it is very beneficial to have a plaque analysis done to ensure a healthy mouth and minimize risk of infection.

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